Welcome to the Hancock Town Library!

Our annual Book Sale is coming up soon ~ August 20th – 26th. We are no longer accepting book donations. But if you save them for a month or two we’ll begin collecting for 2022 in the fall.

Please note that during the book sale we ask that all patrons entering the building be masked, no matter your vaccination status. We want to be safe in close quarters.

Library WIFI: we have two WIFI extenders for the library so that our reach is a bit further. You can sit in the back parking lot or on the street in front of the library to catch our WIFI. Look for Hancock Town Library. Passcode is eight zeros in a row, like this: 00000000

M&W 2-6
Tu&Th 10-7
Sat. 10-4
Amy Markus, Library Director
Pending New Hire, Children's Librarian
Theresa Earle, Circulation

Alison Rossiter, Chair
Jane Eklund, Secretary
Kary Shumway, Treasurer

Friends of the Library:
Helene Bickford, Chair
Patty Carrel, Vice-Chair
Suzie Toumanoff, Secretary
Beth GrosJean, Treasurer