Adult Programs

The Wall-to-Wall Campaign
Something’s underfoot at the Hancock Town Library and you can be part of it! We’re in the second phase of a three-year carpet replacement plan. Last year we installed new carpeting in the Daniels Room; this year’s goal is to extend that warm and colorful wall-to-wall carpet to the adult section of the library. Your donations will help! With a gift of $20, you can sponsor a carpet tile. $10 sponsors half a tile. We’ll happily accept any contribution, large or small, to install new carpet, wall to wall. Thank you!

Wednesday April 26th at 7:00pm
Two Old Friends with Emery Hutchins & James Prendergast

Over the centuries immigrants from the British Isles have come to the Americas bringing with them their musical styles and tastes as well as their instruments. With the concertina, bodhran, mandolin, octave mandolin, guitar, and banjo, Emery Hutchins and Jim Prendergast sing and play this traditional Celtic music, but they also perform American country music in the way it was conceived in the early twentieth century. Through stories, songs and instrumental melodies, they demonstrate how old time American mountain tunes are often derived directly from the songs of the Irish, yet are influenced by other cultural groups to create a new American sound. Emery Hutchins and James Prendergast are musicians who play and sing a unique combination of Celtic and American country music. In their performances they seek to show the connection between the two genres. Hutchins is a renowned performer of a variety of different styles of acoustic music ranging from traditional Irish tunes to vintage American country music songs. Prendergast worked for thirty years in the recording studios and orchestra pits of Nashville, Tennessee. Producer of CMH Record’s Celtic Tribute series, Jim now specializes in producing traditional music at his Mill Pond Music Studio in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Music preservationists and performers, their program demonstrates that to understand the music of a culture is to understand the heart of a culture. Free and open to all.